A little about me

Before establishing EnglishWit Solutions LLC, I began my career in a non-profit environment with a primary focus on consumer-driven services.  Through my work with several telecommunications companies during a time wireless Internet became a feasible solution, I cultivated a special interest in marketing, interpreting and telecommunications relay services.  My work has produced results that reflect a careful attention to detail from strategic planning to execution of logistics.

I believe strongly in giving back to the Deaf community, and in promoting opportunities for further advancement.  As a part of my effort to advance this community, I provided workshops and trainings on the subject of communications, conflict resolution and other consumer-driven services and communication access for over ten years.  I serve on the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Board of Directors, representing the Region One for the 2010 – 2014 term.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in English with a specialization in Writing from Gallaudet University in 1998.  I earned my Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Phoenix in 2006.  I became a Certified Deaf Interpreter in 2012.

During my free time, I enjoy going on walks with my dogs, spending time with family, reading books, watching procedural dramas, or working on home-improvement projects around my home in the District of Columbia.